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Tim Nilson, the owner of, a Gillespie Park-based online drone racing supplier, said that on Feb. 2 he became aware his company was missing approximately $33,934.30 of unaccounted inventory, according to court documents. The online store specializes in unique drone equipment and carries products only a few companies in the United States stock. An internet search discovered that an eBay store belonging to a Sarasota-based pawnbroker was re-selling the products on its eBay store, court documents said. The products included FatShark Goggles which offer the drone flyer a cinematic first person view of their drone's high-speed race — sometimes through caves. Sarasota Police detectives performed a pawn search that revealed that Board, who worked for the company as an inventory manager, had sold the parts to the pawn shop. A detective escorted Nilson to the pawn shop where he confirmed he was the rightful owner of three Fatshark video systems the store had in its inventory. Pawn search queries found that Board made more than 60 transactions involving products in Manatee County and 18 pawns in Sarasota County, court documents said. The products were identified through unique brand names, packaging and serial numbers. Board signed the "Florida Pawnbroker Transaction Form" which states that the property is not stolen and that he is the rightful owner of the stolen property, defrauding the pawnbroker, court documents said.

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